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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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well, new this morning, a man is shot dead in philadelphia's olney section. the key piece of information we snow so far. and the questions that are still unanswered. breaking overnight, you'll have to check that new restrictions ban you from bringing devices larger than your cell phone onto certain planes. specific flights are affected. >> president trump is appealing for support for the republican healthcare bill from republicans. what he's doing today and the three changes made to the proposal overnight. well, today is tuesday, march 21, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your tuesday started with a check on weather and traffic. >> good morning, the roads are looking good, although accident on the schuylkill, couple of accidents out there, antoine of construction,
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already, getting off to pretty busy start in the weather department, too, only gets better from here, things will be clearing out. we had talked yesterday about this disturbance crossing the area, still finding lingering showers, yes, certainly, but they're covering vast majority of the radar here again even in scattered fashion, even up toward the poconos, little hint of pink, mixes in here, yes, it is cold enough in some of the most outlying suburbs to foster maybe little hint every ice that mixing in. this will not be major icing concern certainly. our temperatures and see this in a second way too mild for that in most spots, but you may be finding yourself flicking windshield wipers couple of times. even at mount pocono actually above freezing, bear in minds, again, through the outlying suburbs, even surrounding mount pocono, which is also pretty remote, let's be honest, still going to find it just cold enough that there may be little bit of icing. 45th degrees in the city means it is just rain showers, 44 millville, ac, wildwood, across outlying suburbs to the north, in the 30's here, but again, for the most part well
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above freezing here. now as the day progresses, we are expecting above average day, at least by couple of degrees. clouds eventually do break with time. so, off to little bumpy start here, meisha, but for the most part not bad day. going to start to see the skies clear with every passing hour. >> good news. katie thank you so much. started offer busy in the world of travel, as well, 4:30, and already we had accident, the schuylkill eastbound right now closed between passyunk avenue and packer avenue south philly. >> this right now showing the onramp from passyunk avenue, onramp from passyunk avenue to the schuylkill eastbound closed as well right now. so you can use alternate, oregon avenue or 95 going to be probably your best bet. the accident actually happened around broad street at around 3:00 a.m. so just heads up on this again. closures, schuylkill eastbound, closed between passyunk avenue and packer avenue and that will absolutely start to slow us down if it doesn't get cleared up out of our way. i'll let you know as soon as it does. then accident in delran new jersey new jersey, downed wires and pole, new albany
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road at route 130, will start to slow you down, a lot more to talk about in a little bit. >> see you soon, thank you. new this morning, 23 year old man is fatally shot in the head and philadelphia's olney section. it happened at fourth and rot land streets, found the victim dead on the sidewalk, they believe he was shot at point blank rain. police trying to figure without a sparked the gunfire. also looking for a sheeter. >> we should learn more details today about new program that bars some carry on electronics on non-stop flights from the middle east to the u.s. that ban went into effect overnight. 1us official say it applies to any device larger than cell phone, it impact airlines north african countries. device also have to be stored and checked baggage, critics of the ban point to theft and fires inside but supporters say american safety is at steak. >> different world, we got tpro. and make smart decisions about how we protect them. so it is an inconvenience, buttd
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to do. >> people want to use that time to be and the ban could ben response to intelligence reports fromhe region. philadelphia international airport on the possible local impact of the ban in our next hour. >> philadelphia police say it is likely that more than one person was involved in the burglary of lawncrest jewelry with $1 million in merchandise from kim time jewelry onpolice h the roof of the business xt jewelry store safe. officials believe this was a coordinated effort. the same store hnas burglarize the twice in the last three month. well, we now noah boy bucks count high died while playing in the snow was accidentally strangled. family dog yanked too hard on five ye scarf cutting off his airway there is happened outside every his home in warrington township bruno died saturday night at
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children's hospital. police initially attributed the boy's collapse to cardiac arrest. >> new this morning, protesters windows, several police cars,. >> police say group of 20 to 25 mask people gathered sticks, and ear works into the jail at nearby patrol cars. police arrested 11 people, ty we rallying for the rights every inmates,s ormployees were hurt. >> president trump is heading to capitol hill today to ask house republicans to back the o. to get more support from conservatives, house republican leaderseasu, which comes up for a vote on thursday. those changes would provide more help forcurb medicare, ande the repeal of some tax increases. the president used a campaign
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style rally in louisville to seek support for the bill. >> thursday is our chance to ends obamacare and the obamacare catastrophe and begin delivering the reforms our people deserve. >> now the president says he's ready to negotiate to get the bill to his desk. he promises the new healthcare plan would cover every american. >> well, this week, marks the seventh anniversary of the affordable care act which president obama signed into law. democrats including former vice president joe biden, and house minority leader, nancy pelosi, will meet at the capitol tomorrow for a rally to save the program. this morning, the department of homeland security is calling out the city of philadelphia. the department accuses the city of endangering americans by not cooperating with requests from immigrations and customs enforcement or ice. the department released the first every it kinds report yesterday, it lists law enforcement agencies across
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the country, that do not cooperate with ice. in one case, ice says the city declined its detainer request, and released a man accused of murder. philadelphia you may recall is a sanctuary city. >> proposal to build an apartment complex in philadelphia's manayunk section is met with backlash. community leaders say it would wipe out a huge chunk of neighborhood parking. a developer wants to turn what was once the st. mary of the assumption church into a 100 unit apartment complex with 132 parking spaces for tenants, some residents fear nearby community center will be forced to shut its doors. center relies on the revenue it receives from renting out its facilities for events. >> "eyewitness news" getting exclusive inside look attacker old gist cents work to identify the ancient remains found at old city construction site. archeologists at rutgers camden are trying to identify each person burried near second and arch, what used to be the first baptist church burial grounds, hundreds of remains, team has found 77 covenants great shape, nearly
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150 bodies out of the coffins, but still intact. >> we tried as much as possible to get people out whole, and if we could gotten tire coffins out intact, that's what we aim to do. >> hundreds of bones will be individually photographed and catalogued before being burried. they'll be intered at mount mariah cemetery in southwest philadelphia. >> prom season is right around the corner. police athletic field of philadelphia is making sure every young lady is ready for her big day. girls will have a chance to find her gown for free this afternoon, can pick from hundreds every donated shoes, gowns, accessories, at the pal center in spring garden. the free event start at 4:30, and goes until 7:30 tonight. family in half forwards township helping first responds tears help deliver their new baby. >> francis and summer pallone purchased lunch and brought it over to the police and paramedics in ardmore, their way of saying thank you after the first responders successfully delivered the couple's new baby boy two
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weeks ago. >> medics and ems people, they see an awful lot of young people hole have died and are doing cpr, working on those people. but it was nice to invite and be part of bringing somebody into this world. >> mr. pallone says his wife and son are both healthy and doing just fine. he also wanted to thank the dispatcher with who he initially hung up and who called him back until the medics showed up. >> congratulations. >> good work there. a fire destroys a multi-million dollar apartment complex. still under construction. >> and the fire became so big, it reached eight alarms. the one thing firefighters say caused the fire to spread so quickly, and damaged more than dozen other homes. >> and previously top secret footage of america's "cold footage of america's "cold war" nuclear tests is now at ikea, we believe that everything you need footage of america's "cold war" nuclear tests is now should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event.
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>> the flames were several stories high yesterday afternoon, over lands park kansas. the if i started here, at this 450 million-dollar apartment complex which was unoccupied at the time. within hours, it spread to 17 nearby homes, causing people to panic. >> ready for a tornado for your toronado pact to run downstairs, but no way are you ready for a fire, what to grab, where is your purse, your keys, your cell phone, your important papers, things like that. >> officials say the fire spread from roof to roof by strong winds, amazingly no serious injuries were reported. three firefighters went to the hospital but are said to be okay. >> now thousands of colds war nuclear testing will be publish for all to see. for decades, fillment like this locked away. >> national security labs in california, want to preserve the footage for public
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viewing. rushing to up load the youtube because the films are decomposing. >> looking at the films we found a lot of different pieces of information had not been analyzed back in the 50's, and we're discovering new things about these detonation cents everyone has seen before said in a stomach, quote: force of weapons are and how much devestation they can reap and maybe people will be reluctant to use them. >> consumer alert for dog owners, blue buffalo recalling some of its dog food it may pose risk to the health of dogs. cans of blue wilderness rocky mountain recipe red meat dinner being recalled. it is for adult dogs. food may have high level of beef, thyroid hormones, can cause dogs to lose weight, vomit or increase their heart rate among other things. the recall 12.5-ounce cans have best buy date of june 7,
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2019. >> blossoms mr. bloom at tokyo shine and visitors broke the cameras out. the cherry blossom season arrives in tokyo about five days before the rest of japan. here in the u.s., cherry blossoms in washington are expected to reach full bloom later this week. always such a pretty site. >> always such a pretty site always so dependent on the werth. if you get one big storm like we had last week it can mess with things, planting season, and had such warm weather the weeks before that. yes, march specially one of those transition months that can be all over the place. today actually looks like pretty decent day. we start warming things up here. wet weather to tell you about to start things off. >> for the most part, nothing but rain showers, i've seen couple of speckles every pink showing up, the far northern counties of carbon, monroe, pocono region just in general here. but otherwise, it is just too
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warm right now for us to have to deal with anything other than rain showers. and so much of the snow has had a chance to melt away. certainly around philadelphia, your commute is looking so much more quiet, in that regard, you don't have much snow, even on the side after highway at this point. let's walk through future weather. this thing is initializing very, very poorly, however, what i did want to show you is how things will be clearing out. so there should and lot more speckles of green on future weather for 4:00 a.m. specially by comparison to what we currently have on the radar. but with that said, you're still going to find clouds. still going to find some scattered showers, even tail end of the commute, things do begin to clear out with every passing hour from that point on. so by noontime, starting to see the breaks in the clouds, back toward the lehigh valley, berks county, for example, and then the rest of the day really does brighten up nicely. so the sun going down around p these days, as it does we will see real nice sunset as a result. now looking forward, there is a drop on the thermometer, pretty significant one at that. so, as far as planting goes, just talking about this,
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concerns wednesday night. there will be a prolonged period of temperatures that will stuck in the 20's, so if you have got any sensitive vegetation, you will want to think about protecting it. that night into thursday. arctic air will stay north thankfully into next weekends, long-range, but initially here look at the early morning low on thursday, frigid stuff, down to the 20's, we do rebound very quickly though by saturday, meisha, back in the 60s. >> i see that. all right, katie, thank you so much. in the world of travel already this morning, guys, good morning, not even in the 5:00 hour, a lot do you have talk about. let's get right into it. accident happened near broad street. schuylkill at broad street, right around 3:00 a.m. because of that right now, schuylkill eastbound closed between passyunk avenue and packer avenue in south philly, onramp from passyunk avenue to schuylkill eastbound is closed and eastbound off ramp to the walt whitman bridge. so a lot going on around this area. it is not cleared yet. you can see flashing light, crews slow up, but actually the onramp from passyunk to the schuylkill east. now i will say with this being
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said right now, not slowing you down too much, cars are navigating themselves around the area pretty well. whether it start to get busier more deeper in the 5:00 hour toward the 6:00 we'll start to see more problems. another accident with downed pole and hours in new jersey, route 130, that right lane block there. plus we have a lot of construction to talk about. we will get to that coming up in the next ten, 15 minutes. honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, time now 4:49. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. so britain now has timetable
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for its -- >> britain will officially start its exit from the european union on march 29. that's when the prime minister will notify eu officials that britain is implementing article 50. that gives the two sides until march 2019 to come to terms on britain's withdrawal and try to agree on new relationship. the two year clock is sure to involve some intense political negotiations. >> yesterday i noticed the markets were mostly lower. but i did see apple shares are kind of soaring. so what's behind this? >> reporter: yes, apple shares are hitting new highs on speculation the company's getting ready to launch new ipads. this could possibly revive the tablet market. and you know apple is already trading near record levels, getting big boost from strong holidays phones, especially the iphone, and increase
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and welcome back here as we are overlooking center city philadelphia here from our central parkway library camera. awfully quiet. i think i see all of one loan vehicle out there. it is very tranquil. and the winds is also nice and light too. at the moment it looks like the road here at this particular camera shot is actually dry. but we do have disturbance that's crossing through the area as we speak.
4:54 am
so leading to little hint every wet weather, way more of nuisance than anything, actually start things off with nice wide zoom on storm scan. you can see the disturbance just talking about here in the mid-atlantic, bring withing it again rain showers for our area. little disturb nance south dakota nebraska, colds front crossing our area will sends us on big nosedive. briefly back up though, talk about this morning, we're not talking about much folks, at worse, maybe 100 of an inch, worth of accumulating rainout of this. so, more than anything, you may have to flick your windshield wipers couple of time. if you're one of the folks not crazy about carting an umbrella with you i think you can get away without it. skies not only clear, but certainly things do dry out relatively swiftly. now moving forward, by tomorrow, well it, might as well be january folks. it is not only colder but also windy. at least the sun comes back. that sticks around right through the majority of our work week. but along with that comes warming trends, another warmfront lifts in friday, very likely a shower out of that, saturday pretty quiet, but there will be more cloud
4:55 am
cover. it is also a very warm, and then by sunday, storm system moving in. and that's bringing us a pretty good chance for some rain. meisha? >> lot going on, there katie. same with the world of travel already this morning. not even in the 5:00 hour. just for, and talking about kim of accidents you should know about. first one, actually, happened at the schuylkill near broad street around 3:00 a.m. because of that, schuylkill eastbound closed between passyunk avenue and packer avenue in south philly. now what you are looking at is the onramp from passyunk avenue, the schuylkill eastbound, also closed, as well as the eastbound off ramp to the walt whitman bridge. because of this accident. and they're still out there. you can see the flares out, there as well as the crews with their lights on. i'll let you know as soon as this confirms to be cleared out of your way. first, also, this will start to slow us down, even as early on, pushing into the early 5:00 hour, then of course. we'll let you know it clears, right now still out there, oregon avenue, probably your best bet. downed pole and wires, downed pole, route 130 northbound
4:56 am
before new albany road. also an area to start to slow you down around 35 miles per hour is the driving rate around there. also some construction that we were talking about yesterday, that's still out there. pa turnpike mid-county toll plaza, e-zpass express lanes right now are closed. in the area that got very busy yesterday because of the closure, and this is going to be out there until around april 10. so heads up on that, and even more to talk about when we come back in ten to 15 minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. live at the airport with more on the electronics ban going into effect today on international flights. >> also ahead, newest images of the tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping his 15 year old student. hear from investigators why this is such an important clue. >> and find out what led an angry customer to intentionally hit people with her car in the busy parking lot. the rampage is captured on camera. we will show it to you when we come back.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well we are following breaking news impacting travelers across the globe. the new restrictions that went into effect overnight that will change the way some travelers fly into the us. the white house is pushing back after the director of the fbi delivered damning testimony before congress about russian involvement in the 2016 election. i'm hena daniels with more on the house hearing on capitol hill. and a man is shot and killed overnight in the city olney section. we've got the latest on the search for his killer. >> well today is tuesday march . good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and prior keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, happy tuesday. so the roads looking okay right now. we do have couple every
5:00 am
accident out there, antoine every construction, just not enough time of the day to go through all of the construction out there. >> tis the season right? >> all of the guys and gals in the hard hats respect those folks out there for sure. we have little bit of wet weather which i'm doubting will slow them down all that much this morning. take a look. everything out there is really scattered for one thing. but, if you look at the last three hours, you see things starting to fizzle little bit. this is disturbance, talked about this yesterday, crossing through, i guess could you technically still say we're in the midst of the overnight since the sun hasn't risen yet. still finding showers around the region. for the most part simply too warm for anything but plane old rain showers. >> do you really need the umbrella? i didn't bring mine. >> today, with time, all going to clear out of here, actually end up with clearing skies, more sunshine than anything, by the time the sun is it something. 44 degrees, 44 degrees, folks, niil


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